Current & Upcoming Projects

Editor-in-chief of Metode, an online publishing platform by ROM for kunst og arkitketur that publishes experimental essays in the fields of art and architecture, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Research Grant (12 million NOK) for the project “How Norway Made the World Whiter” from The Research Council of Norway (Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal, 2023 – 2028)

Research Grant (3 million NOK) for the project “The Materiality of White” from
The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) in collaboration with Marte Johnslien (2022 – 2025)

Article «‘With-On’ White: Inconspicuous Modernity with and on Aesthetic Surfaces, 1910–1950» published by The Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative, January 2023

“Researchers to Watch” – Interview about the upcoming research project ‘Deep Surface: Rethinking Surfaces in the Age of Technology (c. 1900 – today) with Architecture and Design’

Editor and publisher of Alf Jørgen Schnell, På sporet av den tapte fremtid: Intervensjoner i norsk urbanisme og modernisme (ROM forlag, 2023). Press and interviews in Morgenbladet and Arkitektur

Essay “Fremtidens utdanningsinstitusjon” published in Vagant, May 2023

Keynote lecture “Restless: Towards a New Art Ethics” at the symposium RAST Norwegian Scenic Routes 30 years anniversary, Oslo, 16 June 2023

Guest lecture “From White to Earth,” at the symposium Material Landscapes at Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), New York City, 24 March 2023

Launch of Metode volume #1 Deep Surface: thirteen experimental essays, including keynote essays by Sybille Krämer and Tim Ingold

Interview with Arkitektnytt about the launch of Metode volume 1 ‘Deep Surface,’ (in Norwegian), January 2023

Research exhibition, Marte Johnslien’s ‘Gaea Norvegica’ at KRAFT, 27 January – 26 March 2023. Review published in Kunstkritikk.

Interview with Kunstkritikk about the launch of Metode volume 1 ‘Deep Surface,’ (in Norwegian), January 2023

About the launch of Metode in E-flux, January 2023

Feature article in Morgenbladet about ‘How Norway Made the World Whiter’ (accessible only for subscribers), January 2023

Interview with Khrono about ‘How Norway Made the World Whiter’ (NorWhite) media attention, regarding imprecise racism focus (in Norwegian), January 2023

Article about NorWhite by Dagens Næringsliv commentator Eva Grinde (in Norwegian), January 2023

Article about NorWhite by Aftenposten commentator Andreas Slettholm (in Norwegian), January 2023

Interview with Morgenbladet about the public debate about NorWhite: “We are not claiming Norway has launched racist attitudes,” January 2023

Public lecture series at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, The University of Bergen, augustnovember 2022

Keynote lecture “Towards Deep Surfaces” at the symposium Living Prototypes at Aedes Architecture Forum/ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin, 9 December 2022. Watch lecture here:

Editor of Metode‘s first volume ‘Deep Surface’: Publication workshops with Sybille Krämer and Tim Ingold, August – December 2022

Interview with Tidens Ånd about the climate protests in museums and galleries, November 2022 (in Norwegian)

Interview with Arkitektnytt about the launch of Metode (in Norwegian)

Essay ‘Design in Museums 2022: Towards an Ethical Design Aesthetic‘ about Designmuseum Danmark and the National Museum of Norway published in Formkraft, August 2022

Essay “Design i utakt” about the new National Museum in Norway published in Morgenbladet, June 2022

PhD supervisor for Lisbeth Funck’s work-based PhD thesis ‘Becoming with Architecture: Making the abstracted space through works and words’, public PhD defence 8 April 2022

Keynote lecture “Material Withdraw: How Modernism Made the Surface Invisible.” A response to Tim Ingold’s keynote lecture at the seminar ‘Kunsthåndværk i en digital tid’, Statens Kunstfond/Syddansk Universitet, 20. January 2022. Report from the conference in Formkraft by Heidi Laura.

Momentum Fellow 2021-2022 at the University of Bergen

Member of the Advisory Board for the project The Nokia Design Archive, led by Anna Valtonen, funded by the Academy of Finland (2021 – 2025)

Editorial Board Member of the Libelli series by Cappelen Damm Akademisk

Selected Past Projects

Edited book Ung Uro: Unsettling Climates in Nordic Art, Architecture & Design published by Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 2021

Book launch conversation with Anna Ulrikke Andersen at ROM for kunst og arkitektur, 30. mars 2022

Public lecture “How Norway Made the World Whiter” at the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities Lunchtime Seminar, 1 December 2021

Lecturer at the PhD summer school Designing for Resiliency: RE:GENERATE alpine-urban circularity (ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne, MonViso Institute), 5-13 June 2021

Journal article “The Unstable Object: Glifo, Blow, and Sacco at MoMA, 1972” published in Journal of Design History

PhD committee member for Bin Li, “TRANS-ALPINE LANDSCAPES: Transecting a Chinese High Mountain in Transition”, public defence 9. april 2021

Journal article “Being Plastic” published in Log 47

Journal article “Arkitekturteoriens nye relevans” [The New Relevance of Architectural Theory] in Arkitektur N no 5 (2019)

Guest lesture “Are We Plastic? Art and Thinking After Plastic” at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Environmental Humanities Center, 18 November 2019 and at University of Groningen, Research Centre for Arts in Society, 19 November

Recipient of the George R. Collins Fellowship 2019 from The Society of Architectural Historians

Critic in residence at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in connection to the exhibition project “Platform for Young Norwegian Art and Criticism”, 2018-2019

Design History Society Essay Prize 2016 Winner for the article “Designs on our Ultimate Environment: Gruppo 9999, Superstudio and the New Ontological Landscape”

Journal article published in Kunst og kultur: «Hvor er nødutgangen? Spekulativ kunsthistorie i Antropocen» [Where’s the Exit? Speculative Art History in the Anthropocene]

Curator and Art Consultant at International Corporate Art, 2013-2014

Journal article published in Kunst og kultur “Systematikk og kulturhistorie: Jens Thiis, Hans Dedekam og debatten om en utstillingsreform” [Systematics and Cultural History: Jens Thiis, Hans Dedekam and the Debate about an Exhibition Reform”